June 2021 - January 2024
I started developing Seraphine at June 2021 with the aim of increasing activity in skyhub.
With over a year of development, this turned out to be the most ambitious project I've ever worked on.
The main features of Seraphine includes:
  • Skybies system (A currency system)
  • Chat AI that responses like Seraphine, the non-playable character in game
  • In game scammer database system
  • Honor system for in game trading
  • Verification system with in game api
The skybie system is built with the main goal of driving activity in skyhub!
  • Members can gain skybies with the following methods:
    • Maintaining their chat activity streak (A 23.5 hour cooldown)
    • Bump the server by doing /bump in the bump channel every two hours
    • Welcoming new members in the welcoming channel
    • Reaching honor milestones from the honor system
  • Skybies can be used to:
    • Buy roles to unlock different channels
    • Buy an ads in the ad channel
    • Buy roles to have the ability to use special commands in the server e.g /pretend
  • Lifetime skybies are also tracked, and a leaderboard displaying the month's top skybie earners is updated every month.
Seraphine chat ai
  • Powered by brainshop, the chat ai is tuned to response with the personality of Seraphine, the in game npc
  • We also inputted stories of hypixel and keywords to trigger the stories when a keyboard is selected
  • Seraphine also works in dms, allowing members to talk to Seraphine privately, moderation is still present as every message and its response by Seraphine is sent to a staff channel for staff members to inspect.
In game scammer database system
  • As hypixel skyblock is a game focused on the economy, with its own stock market (bazzar), auction house and trading system, scams are a common occurrence.
  • In game scamming prevention by hypixel is weak, so scammers are often not punished, and continue to scam innocent players.
  • Skyhub's scammer database system prevent this by allowing player to check the scammer database before trading with other people, and allow scam victims to report scammers to the database.
Honor systems
  • If you play hypixel, you would know that frustration of not having a recipe to craft an item or passing dungeon floors to use an item.
  • In order to bypass this, players often ask more advanced players to craft items and passing dungeon floors for them, and pay them in return.
  • This is where the honor system comes in, it allows players to select more trustworthy people to do their crafts/ dungeon carries for them, reducing the chance of them being scammed, the players will then give honor to the person who helped them, and the honor is saved in the database.
  • The honor system also allows players to check the honor of other players, and select the most trustworthy players to do their crafts/ dungeon carries for them.
In game verification system
  • Discord server is prone to bot attacks, alternative accounts and dm spamming
  • In order to prevent this, we implemented an in game verification system, where players have to verify their discord account with their hypixel account, either by hypixel api or social menu.
  • As every account is verified, in game trading is easier as members are forced to use their in game name in the server, and if a member uses the !whois command that I made to utilizes the in game api, they can check if the person they are trading with is online in game.
There are a lot of other fine details and commands I cannot mention here, the best way to experience with the bot is to join skyhub! Click here to join!!!